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  • Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell

    Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell

    Description Polycrystalline silicon solar panels, which are mainly used on the market, are aggregate structures containing a large amount of single crystal particles. It is made of polycrystalline block material with a resistance of 100~300Ω. It is made into a square shape...

  • Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel

    Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel

    Polycrystalline silicon solar panel mostly used in the market is aggregate structure of containing mass of monocrystalline granules. It is processed by using polycrystalline block material with electric resistance of 100~300Ω. It will be fabricated to square for easily...

  • Flexible Solar Panels

    Flexible Solar Panels

    Flexible solar cell is one kind of film solar panel, which is advanced technology, excellent performance, low cost, and wide application. It can be used for solar backpack, solar tent, solar torch, solar automobile, solar sailing and even aeroplane. One important application...

  • Solar Multifunctional Lighting System

    Solar Multifunctional Lighting System

    This kind of solar multifunctional lighting system has following functions: lighting,flashlight,charger,radio,MP3 player, play from SD card,and bluetooth phone music play

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